Effects of giving up smoking

As we stop, our bodies are going to ,well not like us for taking away something it got very use to having. You have to know that it’s not so bad because you have to be truthful not with yourself but to yourself. Once you make the choice just tell yourself that you can’t change your mind. Tell yourself whatever it takes to make that decision as solid as a rock within yourself. giving up smoking is like making the choice not to drink and drive! It’s wrong for so many reasons!     

The side effects of smoking can cause a snow balling effect creating many different diseases.  As many don’t feel or see the short-term effects on their body, the long-term side effects create many problems, causing the body to fail much faster and earlier than those of non smokers.  Let’s take a look at some of these side effects that smoking can cause.

Although some of the obvious facts are known to some, the thing to remember is the ability of each disease that can create branches of problems with in itself.  The negative effects can start to look like a never-ending list.

  • Coronary heart disease has been the leading cause of death of smokers.  While smoking the heart is put under heavy duress due to the plaques and toxic smoke that is caused from smoking, which in turn has a sub side effect that branches into the hardening of arteries, blood clots, strokes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Smoking can cause the long-term effects of high blood pressure and can also show signs of immediate increase of blood pressure.
  • Lung cancer and emphysema:  Over the long run smoking increases the chance of lung cancer and emphysema in large strides.
  • Increased heart rate has been seen in long time smokers and with those who have just begun.
  • Smoking has also shown the ability of blood vessel damage.
  • Just from smoking, your chances of respiratory problems are more than doubled.  Smokers become more susceptible to Chronic Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and shortness of breath, flues, and Asthma.
  • Stomach problems that can be found due to smoking are cancer of the stomach, pancreas and colon.  Another one of the many stomach smoking side effects is Aortic aneurysm.
  • Increased aging process:  The skin takes a long-term effect, causing wrinkles to show much quicker than non smokers.  Smoking increases the process of aging not only with in other areas of the body but also to the outer appearance of the body, your skin.

Although smoking habits tend to be picked up at a very young age, looking into the long-term, as well as short-term effects should be taken into high regard for your own life’s benefit, as well as others.  This is a small list of side effects that smoking has been known to cause.  The list is an ever-growing one and continues to take its toll on smoker’s everyday.

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