To Help Humanity, Whats That Really Mean?

Thats a tall order to fill some will say. Others will view it as even less a possibility of it ever  happening. To them we say “Know me now and hear me well”. There is no person on this planet that is better than any other. People die for all the wrong reasons. Lies cause so many people to die fighting everywhere for nothing more than “we want what you have”.  Is there no cure for cancer or do drug companies keep it from us. Still more lies being told to us. WE THE PEOPLE means everyone everywhere today.  What has happened to your free thinking that stops us from solving our problems and our differences due to the lies we are being told. From smoking, to Wars, to cancer not being cured, it’s a sadness that the few would have us believe we cant stop. Like smoking, you can, I did. Take back true control of your life. Be honest in your word and demand that others be the same to you and your family. Time to help those that need our help to survive and thrive again. Start teaching the arts like music, ballet, even paint as we have lost to many to two dimensional thinking. Please see more than yourself as everything is not just about you all the time.  There are 7 Billion + people  on the earth besides you. Those that love you, love them back more and more. If you can’t find a way because it becomes easier, please7ac5a633a1f122d3a5e605f4dd7a7115 don’t stop trying. Don’t forget to check in on yourself as well. There is a story that I know of that talked about a Mother that was driving her son (9yrs.)to his cancer treatments. He was always looking out the car window watching everything. Shortly there after the boy got up in the night and went downstairs. He took 4 loafs of bread, peanut butter and jelly, some love from his heart, then went into the basement. He made PB&Js, put them into his backpack with some bottles of water. Next day as they drove through the City the boy yelled out “STOP MOM!” She thought he was sick and did. As she watched, her boy walk up to a homeless man. She about jumped out of the car but was stopped as her son sat his backpack on the ground. He opened it and handed that homeless man a PB&J and a bottle of water. Everything welled up inside the mother like just before you sneeze and the tears rolled down her face. This boy you would think would have wanted to live so much, did. He lived more in 2 years than many will in there entire lives. When he died the room was filled with the love of family and friends. New friends that stood with him, filled promises of find jobs, making sure to give to others, being happy and most importantly, loving others just for who they are so they know happiness and not for what they can do or get from them. His parents picked up where there son left off the very day he left this earth. Each day people are understanding WE THE PEOPLE is a much larger group.  At the end of your life remember that God is not going to look at all you have done, he’s going to be looking at everything you could of done but didn’t. I say to myself everyday I can do better so don’t think your alone in this. NORA!(no one is really alone) Please open your eyes to those that want us to fail. They have a reason and in the worst way it’s not good for your health. Peace to us all…

Remember if a 9 year old child makes a difference then we all can so….

Tell us about it.

What are you going to do to help?


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