The tobacco companies still spend more than $8.5 billion each year to promote their deadly products—
more than $23 million every day—and much of that
marketing directly reaches and influences kids

 Each day, 3,500 kids in the United States try
their first cigarette; and nearly 1,000 additional kids
under 18 years of age become new regular, daily sm
okers. That’s nearly 400,000 new underage daily
smokers in this country each year.

 The addiction rate for smoking is higher than the
addiction rates for marijuana, alcohol, or cocaine;
and symptoms of serious nicotine addiction often
occur only weeks or even just days after youth
“experimentation” with smoking first begins.

 Ninety percent of all adult smokers begin while in their teens, or earlier; and two-thirds become
regular, daily smokers before they reach the age of 19.

 Roughly one-third of all youth smokers will eventually die prematurely from smoking-caused disease.


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