The best time to be a quitter…

Yesterday I took a friend to a “smokes for less” type store. Did we always smell like that? And if so was it as bad as that. Everyone lining up to get that fix. They were twitching and counting out all the small change. One lady was shaking all the money out of her little kids piggy bank. Seeing this showed me why this is so bad and you could see it in there peoples eyes, like a deer in headlights. If your addiction is bad enough to take from your own child to get you pack of smokes, then it’s time to stop. You are that bad.  

One comment

  1. metaleclips · June 10, 2013

    Everyday is easy when you don’t smoke. It is amazing how much the world around you is brighter when you can say to yourself how much better you feel without smoking as part of your life. That is truth!

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