What, you don’t Know…?

That’s what is killing you. What the cigarette companies have never shared with you. Well other than addicting you to nicotine. Gee wiz thanks guy’s. If you are interested, would you like to do some research to find some truth and publish it here for the world to see. Just one committed person with passion for the cause of giving whatever you find to everyone to help them stop the addiction and be a health person. Improve their children’s quality of life for they no longer will have to breath the second hand smoke! No notoriety here just truth about your findings. See what you can dig up and send it to us here in the contact button. We will pick one person. If it’s not your work please don’t send it to us.


One comment

  1. metaleclips · March 9, 2012

    It’s always the same. What you don’t know. What you can’t see. What you didn’t do. What you didn’t think about. What your doing affests everyone around you. your killing others not just yourself. I hope you can see it,smell it and learn it quickly.

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